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The power of the female center

Your female center deserves a lot of attention, whether after pregnancy and birth or in everyday life and preventively for later. Every woman has the opportunity to strengthen her center and thus bring about much positive for her life.

Pelvic floor training is worthwhile, because a healthy, elastic pelvic floor has a positive effect on the back, posture, sex life and much more. Therefore: Take care of all your muscles throughout your life and train them - this starts in daily life at home, at work, during sports... Join us for this interactive workshop that will give you a mix of theory, everyday tips and simple pelvic floor exercises to do at home.

Active together from the beginning - sports during pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, expectant moms worry about many things - What can I still eat? How will the birth be? What about sports - can I still exercise and if so, how? We would like to clarify and explain this question today, because it is quite simple: sport is good for you! For both - active together from the beginning is the motto. Sport keeps you fit during pregnancy and is therefore also helpful for the birth.

In our lecture you will receive a short theory input coupled with a 30-minute sports unit.

Myths of baby swimming

"Diving will give the child a middle ear infection.", "Mat crawling has nothing to do with swimming.", "My child doesn't like water" and many other things you may have wondered or heard before.

We now want to debunk the myths surrounding baby swimming and uncover and explain the background behind these statements. Many things have been handed down and are therefore automatically taken as true. We will help you to understand the backgrounds and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Bonding through touch

Baby massage is a wonderful way to show your baby how much you love him. Massages make it easier for your baby to stay relaxed and not get upset, cry less and sleep better. They encourage and strengthen the bond with the baby, so you can enjoy your relationship more intensely. Baby massage is also a great bonding tool for dads.

In our workshop I will give you insight into the theory, practical tips and show you some grips that can help with issues like colds, tummy aches, teething etc.

Our motto: Professional - inspiring - focused