Water demonstration doll "Swim"


This is "Swim", our demonstration doll, which we have developed in cooperation with specialists from China, Taiwan and Austria especially for use in water.

We use Swim in the training courses on the one hand to demonstrate the grips and exercises and on the other hand to practice the use of the holds. Swim also provides valuable assistance in the demonstration of the instructed exercises in the daily course operation.


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Baby Swimming Teaching Doll

This teaching doll was created by Birthilght Tutors Judy Kou, Sunny Shan, and Nicole Sauseng.
The doll was designed to solve three key problems with current baby swimming teaching dolls in the market:

  • Ease to dry - The inserts of the doll can be easily removed for faster drying, eliminating the concerns for molding and water residual building.
  • Accurate demonstration - This doll perfectly utilizes water weight to achieve ear-in-water during floating position and armpit-in-water during seat hold position.
  • Durability - The "body" of the doll is made with neoprene material which is more sustainable than cotton or nylon in chlorine water.


Height: 60 - 63 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Material: Environmentally Friendly PVC
Fabric: Malaga color neoprene diving cloth
Inside Filling Bag: Nylon
Filling: Polypropylene staple fiber (pp cotton), Environmentally friendly PVC particles

Story of Swim

The idea to make this teaching doll actually derived from frustration - the frustration of seeing parents holding their babies too high in floating that babies could not achieve the correct alignment, the frustration of seeing parents holding their babies too high in seat-hold that babies cannot find their balance.
Then it dawned on us that parents are holding babies too high because that's what they see the dolls doing.
Never mind the teacher's stressing of the teaching points, the hand holding corrections - seeing what the doll does was the most powerful learning!
That's when we decided to make a doll that would do the perfect demonstration for parents to follow... and we are happy to say this doll does just that!

Our motto: Professional - inspiring - focused