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Aqua Move&Sound

The connection of water and sound - that is Aqua Move & Sound.

The theoretical part of the webinar deals with sounds.

In the practical part you will get to know a wide variety of instruments that you can take with you into the water.

You can certainly take some ideas with you for your class.

From group leadership, learning types and communication - tips and info for teaching

This webinar will deepen your pedagogical, didactical and methodological knowledge for baby and toddler swimming lessons. It is about helpful information that can facilitate your professional everyday life.

FAQ's before the parent-child swimming course

This webinar is aimed at parents who have signed up for a parent-child swimming course.

You will get helpful tips to make the course a hit.

Infant play

“She's just playing.” But the game is definitely not a gimmick. Songs is overlooked especially in this day and age that playing is the main job and purpose of every child.

This webinar gives an insight into the history of the game, game theories, forms of the game, features of the game, game conditions, game promotion, toys and game material.

Birthlight - the other aqua educational approach

This aqua-pedagogical approach was founded by Francoise Freedman and awarded the Virginia Hunt Medal.

Essential to this method is that it is about communication and harmony between the parents, the child and the trainer. This bonding-oriented approach largely dispenses with swimming aids.

Curious? Then you are cordially invited to get to know this approach better.

Accompany children with special needs in the aquatic environment

This webinar is about dealing with children with special needs in the water. One part deals with pedagogy, didactics and methodology.

And in the second part, there are facts and tips for 13 special needs in the water. This webinar will enhance your professional competence as a baby and toddler swim coach.

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