Anja Wagner-Ahmed, MA

Do what you LOVE what you do!



Sport and fitness - this has always been an integral part of Anja's life. Since her youth Anja has spent many hours in the gym in various group classes such as "legs, bums and tums", aerobics, Zumba etc., or in dance school in classical dance such as Hip Hop, Jazz etc. Through the birth of her daughter, Anja then discovered her love for mummy-baby-fitness and the training of pregnant women. After many years of part-time coaching, she quit her job in event management in 2018 to take the step into self-employment and opened her studio Mum&me in Guntramsdorf. In addition, Anja loves working in the water both at Aqua Fitness for everyone from athletes and pregnant women to seniors and of course with the youngest children at baby and toddler swimming.

For Anja, the healthy movement of all target groups is especially important. This can be seen in the high quality of the courses, which are individually adapted to the abilities of each person and are always held in a health-conscious manner. She sees getting into old age fit and healthy as an important goal for everyone. Her love for sports and her motivation at work is noticeable and she would like to pass this on to many!


Training courses:

  • Master's degree of the FH Wr. Neustadt in "Market Communication & Sales
  • Bachelor's degree from the FH Wr. Neustadt in "Organisation, Management and Personnel Consulting
  • Certified Zumba, Zumba Step and Aqua Zumba Instructor
  • Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor also for pregnant women
  • Certified fitdankbaby trainer for mums with babies from 3-14 months, kids up to 30 months, outdoor, AQUA and pregnant women
  • Certified pelvic floor trainer according to BEBO
  • Additional qualifications for rectus diastasis
  • Certified child health trainer
  • Certified Birthlight trainer
  • Baby and toddler swimming trainer
  • Course instructor for baby and children massage
  • Course instructor Mama-Baby-Yoga
  • Course instructor for playgroups
  • Training "make-up for children


Further trainings:

  • fitdankbaby Convention, Augsburg 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Baby Academy, Vienna October 2018
  • BEBO Up to Date October 2019
  • BEBO "The Childish Bubble", October 2019
  • regular seminars with Nicole Sauseng on the activity of baby and toddler swimming
  • 1st Aid Course for Infants and Young Children October 2018, January 2020

Our motto: Professional - inspiring - focused